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WRIT 1000YB: Research Proposal

WRIT 1000YB: Research Proposal The research proposal consists of two parts. Part A is a 250-500-word proposal that discusses your research and what it hopes to prove/accomplish. Part B is a list of five preliminary sources that you plan to use for your project. Below is a larger description of each part.   PART A: There’s no exact way to go about this part, but here are some things that should be included:

  • What question or questions will your research be attempting to answer? These questions could be more argumentative or exploratory in nature, but the key here will be providing a direction and purpose.
  • How will you incorporate your research (i.e. the sources that you list below) into your paper? Why are the sources useful for what you’re proposing? Note that you don’t need to discuss all five sources in the proposal, but if one or two is key explain why that is so.
  • Why is this research “important”? By important, I mean you want to try to convince your reader why he or she should be interested in your paper. What is at stake? What parties are involved? How is your research adding something to the conversation?
  PART B: This part will likely be more straightforward. You merely need to provide a bibliography that consists of five sources that you may use for your paper. The bibliography must follow a recognized scholarly format (APA, MLA, etc). The one key here is that some of your sources should be scholarly in nature. That means they should come from some sort of academic publication, be that a journal, a book, or an ebook. The library assignment should give you an idea of how to go about this, and we’ll discuss finding useful sources in class.]]>

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