Wilma Worker: employee relations specialist at ABC Company, which has 250 employees Research Paper THIS ASSIGNMENT IS FROM A HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE. You are an employee relations specialist at ABC Company, which has 250 employees. Wilma Worker, the company’s receptionist, has worked at the Company for three years. She is a good performer, but has had some minor performance issues in the past six months. Wilma asks to meet with you to discuss her request for maternity leave. During your meeting, Wilma says she would like to take eight weeks of maternity leave as of August 30, and then take the remainder of her leave in one-day increments using one day each week so that she can spend more time at home with her baby. Later, Wilma’s supervisor, Sarah Supervisor, stops in to see you because Wilma has told her about her maternity leave plans. Sarah doesn’t know what to do because it’s a very busy time of year. Part 1 of your assignment is to write a memo to Sarah Supervisor outlining the requirements of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as they apply to Wilma’s request and whether Wilma is entitled to the leave she requests. (50 points) Part 2 of the assignment is to write a one-page letter formally responding to Wilma’s request for leave. (20 points) Part 3 of the assignment is to assume that on July 1 (after you have written both the memo and the letter to Wilma), Wilma told Sarah Supervisor that her obstetrician told her that the pregnancy was causing her experience high blood pressure and that she would need to remain home on bed rest for the remainder of the pregancy. Is Wilma entitled to FMLA during this time? Why? What other requirements apply to this leave that do not apply to leave after the birth of her child? (30 points). The assignment should be no more than two single spaced pages.]]>

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