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White Australia Policy

White Australia Policy Making Australian history Attached Files:

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Nino Culotta, They’re a Weird Mob 1957; Cecile Kunrathy, Impudent Foreigner, 1963; Matylda Engelman, The End of the Journey, 1978; Ronald Taft, ‘The Australianism Scale’, 1965 all in Deborah Gare & David Ritter (ed.s), Making Australian History: perspectives on the past since 1788 (Melbourne: Cengage Learning, 2008), pp.256-9.     Anderson, Zoe. ‘Reading ‘Multiculturalism’: A historiography of policy and ideal in Australia.’ History Compass 11, n.11 (2013): 905-917. (available through library website) http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com.ezproxy.bond.edu.au/doi/10.1111/hic3.12098/abstract   This can help with the argument part of tutorial secondary   Castles, Stephen. Mistaken identity: Multiculturalism and the demise of nationalism in Australia. Sydney: Pluto Press, 1988. (available in library) DU122.A1M57 1988 http://apac-tc.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/BOND:all_resources:BOND_ALMA2122119990002381   Foster, L. and D. Stockley. Multiculturalism: The Changing Australian Paradigm. Avon: Multilingual Matters, 1984. (Available in library)   Foster, Lois E. and David Stockley. Australian Multiculturalism: A documentary history and critique, 37. Clevedon, England; Philadelphia: Multilingual Matters Ltd., 1988. (available in library)   Foster, Lois, and David Stockley. ‘The rise and decline of Australian multiculturalism: 1973-1988.’ Australian Journal of Political Science 23, n.2 (1988): 1-10. (available through website)   Jayasuriya, Laksiri, David Walker, and Jan Gothard. Legacies of White Australia : Race, culture and nation. Crawley, WA: University of Western Australia Press, 2003. (available through library website)   Jupp, James. From White Australia to Woomera: The story of Australian immigration. Port Melbourne, Vic: Cambridge University Press, 2007. (available in library)   Tavan, Gwenda. “Immigration, Control or Colour Bar?: The Immigration Reform Movement, 1959-1966.” Australian Historical Studies 32, no. 117 (2001): 181-200. http://apac-tc.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/BOND:all_resources:TN_informit_apaft200116437 Use for tutorial secondary   Tavan, Gwenda. The long, slow death of White Australia. Carlton North, Vic: Scribe, 2005. (available on shelf in library) use for tutorial secondary]]>

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