Weight management group for mental health inpatients Custom Essay Topic: Weight management group for mental health inpatients, I am writing a dissertation based on the topic above. below is a list of bullet point my lecturer has told me to expand on,during the course of this dissertation. • General overview of obesity and overweight • Obesity among: people with mental health disorder, forensic inpatients • Health implications specifically for mental health patients and also people without mental health issues • Government initiatives about obesity in mental health as well as physical health • Interventions that have been tried previously • Evidence based interventions for obese patients( NICE) • Diet, sedation from medication and self neglect • Rational /evidence base for the topic • Use book chapters, journal articles please I would want you to give me the work chapter by chapter so i take to the lecturer,in case he wants me to make any correction.Ii will upload additional files in my account, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, as i will be contacting you from time to time to get update.]]>

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