Utilization of Formal Services by Asian-Canadian Elderly Nursing Essay 1.The essay involves a review and summary of pertinent literature on a focused topic in the field of Sociology of Aging/Social Gerontology. A review of literature is an integrative summary of the evidence for and against a particular theory, idea, or point of view. It may involve comparing and contrasting opposing views on the same topic. It may help to organize your essay around one or more questions. Posing a question sets up your paper to address one or more controversies. For instance: Do childless older adults experience disadvantages in terms of levels of social support? The paper should also suggest how future research could better our understanding of the social phenomenon under study. Do NOT write a position paper in which you selectively report the literature to support a view that you hold. For instance, do not create a paper that covers only literature on the benefits of physical activity for healthy aging without addressing sociological and/or social psychological issues of why some people engage in recommended levels of physical activity, while others do not. Integrate and critically evaluate the research literature in such a way that you end up with substantiated conclusions that are not obvious. Also, do NOT conduct your own interviews for this paper. I have provided a list of essay topics within the assignment in Canvas. If you select one, you do not require approval; however, if you select a topic outside of the list, you need to receive instructor approval. 2.The essay requires a sociological or social-psychological perspective. In other words, relevant theoretical and conceptual material to these fields needs to be included in the paper, typically in a separate section before you introduce the review of research literature. For example, it is NOT appropriate to develop a paper solely on the physiological aspects of aging without a sociological perspective. The theoretical components incorporated into the essay should reflect the literature that you are covering. For example, in a paper on media stereotypes and the elderly, one might describe and apply labelling theory to the topic (this should go before the review of research studies), and then revisit the applicability of labelling theory to the area in light of research findings. A focus on gender differences in media stereotypes might also integrate a feminist perspective as well. Some papers will include more than one theory, but you should be guided by the literature you are covering coupled with knowledge accrued from the course. I would suggest not including more than three theories or perspectives. 3.The essay should be based on your reading of primary literature on your specific topic. Use mainly journal articles, specialized books, and monographs and reports, not general textbooks. Using journal articles is crucial in producing a good essay. As a rule of thumb, I expect a minimum of 10 journal articles to be integrated into the paper. It is preferable to weave information together, rather than summarize each article separately. Use few, if any, Internet references or media sources (newspapers, magazines, etc.), since these are unreliable sources, unless you access a peer-reviewed article directly from the Internet. Although the review of literature sections focus on published research findings, the integrative summary, critical assessment, and essay conclusions and future research afford ample opportunity for your ideas and thoughts.]]>

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