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Use the evidenced-based practice you researched and apply it to a

Use the evidenced-based practice you researched and apply it to a care of plan for the corresponding medical/surgical scenario below. Include interventions applicable to the care of the client, and health promotion teaching that is applicable to the acute-care setting as well as the home setting after discharge. ” Scenario ” You are caring for 2 patients who have been confirmed with MRSA infection ( Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus). They have large families with multiple visitors and one of the patients is a smoker. Assessment : * Identified actual or potential assessment criteria from the scenario. Indicated what would be important to assess when preparing to identify the nursing diagnosis as outlined in the assignment. Nursing Diagnosis: Write a nursing diagnosis statement that relates to an ” actual” problem that the client experiencing, including the ” related to ” factors and evidence to support diagnosis. 1. related to ” actual diagnosis” 2 related to “. potential diagnosis” 3. related to ” wellness diagnosis” Write one goal for each diagnosis that included measurable criteria using the “SMART” method. Interventions : Included (2) nursing interventions per goal related to scenario: applicable to acute care ( 6 interventions as possible Please… Provided rationale for interventions with evidence from the literature utilized in the research portion . * Can we use our text book as references and 1 reputable website please… 1. Canadian Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing by Paul, Day, & Williams 2nd , 3rd edition) 2.Potter & Perry By Elsevier ( 5th edition) 3. Reputable website]]>

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