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The topic is listed on the order instructions because it is a scenario

The topic is listed on the order instructions because it is a scenario Project description Mr Jorge Fernandez,34 years old, was found by his wife on the floor of their bathroom.He was unconscious not responding the wife called 911 paramedics arrived, fernandez had respirations of 8 breaths per minute, B/P 194/124,HR42. He was transported to the Emergency Room at the closest Trauma hospital. After her initial assessment the nurse caring for Mr.F and the ER physician spoke to MRs.Fernandez to obtain a medical history.Her husband was involved in an MVA about two weeks ago he hit his head He refuse to go to the hospital at the time of the accident he was fine. since the accident he has had several severe,dull,pounding headaches with photophobia but refuse to go to the doctor. He has history of high Blood Pressure and takes Norvasc 10mg.daily while the nurse,doctor was talking to the wife Mr.F has a violent,unwitnessed seizure.when they return to his room they find him not breathing with foamy mucous coming from his mouth.he has no B/P his heart rate on the cardiac monitor reads 12.they call a code and start CPR.The doctor is unable to intubate Mr.fernandez due to spasms in his vocal cord. After 20 minutes of resuscitation attempts Mr.F is pronouce dead.She vows that she will sue the hospital,the doctor,nurse for her husband’s death.Question 1-who is /are the plaintiff(s) in this case?Who is/are the defendant(s)? 2-What kind of court would this trial go to? 3-if this case did go to trial what charges would the defendants possibly face? explain what they are and what(use 6 elements of malpractice for each defendant). 1-duty owed. 2-breach of the duty owed the patient. 3-Foreseeability. 4-Causation. 5-injury. 6-damages. make sure to address all elements of malpractice/negligence against each defendant.you must answer all parts of the questions and provide explanations and references to back up your arguments]]>

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