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TOGO IN WEST AFRICA” Project Paper – choose a global health issue (examples: financial/resource challenges, disaster response, disease prevention, end-of-life care, stigma of disease, etc.). Utilize a biblical worldview to develop a potential ‘making a difference’ project. Include the MDG’s and other resources from the readings and other assignments. Include specific roles and responsibilities for each team member, information about the region, and supplies needed for the team. Write a thoughtful analysis of the global health issue and summarize how you could implement change through inter-professional practice, education, and research. The more information you can integrate into the project/paper from your reading, the better. Include spirituality/culture/faith, your knowledge of nursing theory, and available research. Incorporate the information from your texts, and scholarly, peer reviewed articles. Make sure it is organized, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, following APA 6th edition guidelines. Suggested headings: a) Project and Health Issue (s): Rationale/purpose/area of focus (think ‘where’, ‘who’, and ‘when’; what are the goals and objectives?) b) Background: Lit review; information about the region; people groups; religions; access to care, education, and water; include MDGs; global impact; NGOs (why is this project needed/important?) c) Methods: Strategy for change; roles of all team members; and supplies needed (clarify the vision, how will the project be carried out and by whom, identify roles and responsibilities; think about your community partnerships/leaders. d) Funding: Include information about potential grants, amount of funding available, and other funding organizations (NGOS) who would potentially support this project. e) Discussion: Faith/spirituality/religion and theory integration, cultural, values, and beliefs considerations. f) Results: Evaluation of project effectiveness (how will this project be evaluated as successful by all participants – be specific) g) Implications: Nursing practice, education, and research (how does this contribute to, could this project become self-sufficient, replicated elsewhere, benefit nursing?)]]>

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