Professional Code of Ethics/ Nurse works (General Hospital)/ 2-3pages/ No Plagiarism


I. Task

1. In a Professional Ethics Course, an assignment on the Code of Ethics in any professional area of your interest, an assignment such as this one is to be expected. So, the first step for this assignment is for you to figure out which kind of profession—a job, if you will—you are interested. Then come the following instructions.

2. After determining your academic major or future profession/job,

o Find or locate the code of ethics issued by the Professional Association in your area of professional interest. Note: Just research the code on the Internet or go, preferably, get one from the Association office here in Baltimore or Washington, DC.

o Provide the table of contents of the copy of the code of ethics that you managed to get. Note: Just type the table of contents

o Identify the major moral principles upon which the whole code of ethics rests. Here just list those values and document them in the code of ethics by indicating the section under which each principle is found.

o Describe succinctly the standards of professional practice that are based on the principles listed above under 2.2

3. Finally, submit in canvas, a (one) file consisting of the following:

3.1 The table of contents of the code of ethics issued by the Professional Association in the area of your professional interest.

3.2 A list of the major moral principles stated above 2.3.

3.3 A description of the standards of professional practice.

Failure to meet this deadline will automatically result in zero being assigned as a grade to you. No excuses will be accepted because I have to turn the grades in to the Administration on time.

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