I study subject which is advanced nursing in global context Research Paper I study subject which is advanced nursing in global context, this subject has a project. I already work on step one which I will compere Saudi Arabia and United Kingdome for this topic. Step 1: Assessment and Critical Comparative Analysis Identifying the problem, analysing the problem, assessing the situation, learning from the global/local evidence. As I work a clinical teacher in nursing department in university in Saudi Arabia I Describe the area of practice that I interested in and why and I explain why I feel there is a need to improve practice in this area. In word file named global context pleas read it I explain every thigs and I identify the problem by this file you will get the point. I would like from you to work on the course work to answer questions which includes following steps: • Step 2: Project Planning: [A] Setting Aims, Objectives and Deadlines • Step 2: Project Planning: [B] Appraising the Context – Identifying Potential Barriers and Facilitating Factors for your Project • Step 2: Project Planning: [C] SWOT Analysis • Step 2: Planning: [D] Change Management • Step 3: Implementation • Step 4: Monitoring and Evaluation I will upload to you 3 files which are course work include the questions, global context include area I interested in and article that help you to understand the situation in Saudi Arabia in this topic and there are some references in the course work that will help you to answer the queations pleas read it carefully . Best Regards,]]>

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