Student well-being and academic performance Research project investigating the correlation between students well-being and academic performance. I only need the introduction and literature review including the research question and the hypothesis please. The project is based on a questionnaire designed by me, based on the Gallup-Healthways Well-being index (uploaded with explanation)but it is a simplified version altered to be suitable to use with students. The questionnaire designed by me is attached, explanation for it: it includes basic characteristic data of participating students and data on academic performance as one categorical question. On the second page of this survey there is a 20 item likert scale, the questions divided into 4 groups (5 questions each group), groups are the following: Physical Health,Emotional Health, Economics and Basic Access. Some resources attached for you to be used but please use additional resources to have a total of 10 references. If unsure of anything please contact me to clarify things, thank you]]>

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