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Specialised Software Application

Specialised Software Application Page 1 Below diagram is a typical push out test for composite steel and concrete beams. They consist of concrete connected to two steel beams by headed stud shear connectors. The two steel beams slabs are fixed at the bottom. A uniformly distributed load was loaded to the surface of the concrete slab. The material property: Material Material Properties Concrete Concrete compressive strength f’c = 32MPa Steel Beam E = 200 000 MPa Yield stress = 500 MPa Yield strain = 0.02 Steel reinforcement Diameter N12-180 c/c E = 190 000 MPa Yield stress = 500 MPa Shear connector E = 210 000 MPa Yield stress = 550 MPa Determine the maximum load and slip of the shear connectors. For civil student: Please vary the material properties of concrete from 32MPa, 40MPa, 50MPa and 60MPa. Plot the design graph of load versus concrete properties and slip versus concrete properties. Please explain the results. For Fire student: Please vary the temperatures from ambient temperatures, 200C, 400C, 800C and 1000C. Plot the design graph of load versus temperatures and slip versus temperatures. Please explain the results. Concrete Slab Steel Beam Steel Beam Shear Connectors]]>

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