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Reflection essay, using driscoll’s model of reflection.

Reflection essay, using driscoll’s model of reflection. Order Description ASSIGNMENT BRIEF This reflective assignment should be in the first person and presented in essay format. Use an appropriately formal academic style, avoiding contractions, such as “don’t” and informal or spoken forms of language. One heading, the personalised title is expected, no other headings and subheadings are expected. The reflection should draw on relevant policy documents in the aspect of analysing the scenario you are writing about Be sure to change any names and substantial details of individuals, to try and maintain confidentiality as per NMC (2015). Equally, unless crucial to the argument and/or where the information is already in the public domain, refer to organisations only in the most general terms, e.g. an NHS Trust. This assessment tests the following Learning Outcomes : (1) Demonstrate a contextual understanding of the knowledge and skills required to provide general care for people and their families in diverse situations (2) Demonstrate a critical understanding of the ways of working that teams and individual colleagues employ to promote anti-discriminatory practice, risk OR safeguard individuals and the public (3) Provide evaluative evidence of the application of knowledge in an alternative field of practice. The Assignment Task: Summative Assessment CW1 Written Evidence This is a 2,000 word reflection. Using a reflective model or framework you will demonstrate critical understanding of an area of practice (Anti-Discriminatory Practice OR Risk OR Safeguarding). This reflection must start by considering an alternative area of nursing and end by contextualising the discussion into the student’s own field of nursing. The reflection should include : ? TITLE: Develop one question – reflecting the scenario, which alternate area of nursing, the area of practice and your own field of nursing. ? Chose a reflective model, briefly justify the choice of model. Then follow the stages of the model. N.B. Remember you need to apply the lessons learnt to your own field of nursing. ? You must declare your own field of nursing and select an alternate area of nursing. STUDENT’S OWN ALTERNATE AREA OF NURSING FIELD OF NURSING (ONE OF THE FOLLOWING) Adult Child, Learning Disability, Mental Health or Older Adult. Child Adult, Learning Disability, Mental Health or Older Adult. Mental Health Adult, Child, Learning Disability or Older Adult.]]>

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