Reflect on an interaction from your clinical experience that involved an older person.

What communication skills were used and were they effective in communicating with the older person? Write your thoughts about what considerations nurses need to make when
communicating with older people (reflect on what you have learned about ‘normal physiological ageing’).

Question 2

Consider howthe

media portray older people. Read a newspaper or magazine article (it can be hardcopy or electronic) that is about an older person. In your
reflection, identify howthe media portrayed the person and explain whetherfyou think this portrayal is consistent with the way society in
general ‘see’ older people. Describe how your attitude toward older people a fects the way you deliver nursing care?

Question 3


a health problem that commonly affects older people. Reflect on what itwould be like to experience that illness or disease bythinking
about how it might affect relationships/social interactions, activities of living and self-esteem/self-image

Question 4

Fast forward to

the future and consider yourself atthe age 82 years old. Write a short description of your life and identify one aspect of your life that
you think will be most important. Explain why you anticipate this aspect of your life in the future will be significant.

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