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Qu?lity ?f Nursing ??r? (?r?ssur? Injury – W?t?rl?w ?ss?ssm?nt)

Qu?lity ?f Nursing ??r? (?r?ssur? Injury – W?t?rl?w ?ss?ssm?nt) u?lity ?f Nursing ??r? (?r?ssur? Injury – W?t?rl?w ?ss?ssm?nt) TASK: Use the scholarly literature to identify and explain the use of process and outcome data in the deliv ery of safe, quality nursing care in health institutions. Then use one example (Waterlow Assessment) of process and outcome data to demonstrate your understanding of their use in providing safe, high quality care in health institutions. Criteria: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the aims of health institutions and core business. Identify and explain process & outcome data. Analysis: Critical reading of the literature that demonstrates an understanding of process & outcome data and the rationale for the collection of such data health institutions. 1 example (Waterlow Assessment) of process and outcome data is utilised to explore key concepts. Word Count: 2,250 words (without in-text references and reference list) Referencing style: APA 6th Resources: 15-20 references and no older than 10 years (2004-2014); onlyAustralian scholarly literature can be used]]>

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