Public Speaking Research paper 1. Your friend shares with you that she is terrified about public speaking, but that she has just discovered she has to take this class before being able to graduate. What would you tell your friend about what You have learned about public speaking, in order to inspire her? (This question pretty much defined me when class started. My dad told me that the audience is generally already on your side, that they were already cheering for me. And since it is required I just had to suck it up and get up there anyways.) What did You learn from this class that you feel really stretched You as a person and a public speaker? 2. You were asked to be an active listener to your classmates when they spoke. What did you learn from watching and listening to them? Why did immediately just tune some speakers right out… and drift off into your own space? What did the speakers do or say that caused you to tune them out so quickly? (spoke in a monotone, boring subject material) What did the great speakers of our class do or say that kept you really engaged in what they were saying? (they were relaxed and comfortable in front of the audience, they passionate about their subject, they made their content relatable)]]>

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