Promoting Family Centred Nursing Custom Essay Promoting Family Centred Nursing In this assignment the student is required to demonstrate their understanding of the concept, theory and practice of family-centred care in the diverse population including different cultures, and how that understanding assists the Registered Nurse when caring for Indigenous Australian clients and their families. Essay: Your essay must discuss the KEY LEARNING you have derived from this subject including how you might change your approach to practice as a result of knowledge gained through engagement with the topic so far. Your essay must explain the concept of family-centred nursing care in the context of health care practice and make a convincing argument that inspires the reader to use a family-centred approach when caring for the Indigenous Australian clients they encounter in practice. You may wish to explore the following themes. This is a guide only, you are expected to complete research around this topic. – Family-centred care concept, theory and practice. -The Indigenous Australian concept of family. -The historical, political, sociological and political forces that led to inequalities in Indigenous Australian health status and health care provision. -The importance of supporting families early. Incorporate into the discussion:- – how registered nurse applies family-centred nursing care principles. -Consider the impact of Indigenous Australian culture and history on current health status. -Understanding of specific Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander approaches to communication. -Evidence that explains the rationale and actions the registered nurse will take when providing family-centred health care to Indigenous Australian clients and their families. -The importance of supporting families early including child protection considerations. -Ensuring family-centred health care approaches are compatible with the Indigenous Australian concept of family, kinship and community. – Detailed examples of how the registered nurse would work collaboratively and in partnership with: 1. Indigenous families 2. Other health care professionals. -Importance of early, appropriate referral to internal and external agencies. – Family-centred strategies the registered nurse could use when building relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons including those living in a rural and remote areas Instructions for completing this essay: -Use academic writing that is consistent with essay format – you may use headings.]]>

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