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ProjectPlan-DCHI Assignment2:Design Review

ProjectPlan-DCHI Assignment2:Design Review Preparation for Stage 1: Week 6 Tutorial: ‘Dummy’ Design Review (not assessable)   Items to be completed  

  1. Rich Picture (Human Activity Diagram)
  2. Project Plan
  3. Team Diary (Minutes)
  Stage 1: Week 7 Tutorial: Design ReviewAssessment 2 Stage 1 (PRESENTATION) due in the tutorial of week 7.  
  1. Completed Analysis document. (Deliverable 1).
  • A human activity system diagram (a Rich Picture)
  • Statement of the User Goals for the Whole System
  • Broad functional description of the Whole System, including Data Flow Diagrams.
  • Description of each of the three interactions chosen to be formally developed, along with the activities, the technologies, the users and the setting. The three should be different in terms of the nature of the users and their tasks, the technologies and/or setting.
  For each of these three interactions:             . Description of how the interaction fits into the whole system and with the other interactions.             .  Persona descriptions representing the various user types.             . High Level system design of the interaction using scenarios and your personas to clearly explain the interaction, and why you have chosen this design.  
  1. Current Project Plan
  2. Project plan including minutes (diary) (Deliverable 2)
Complete and Detailed List of all deliverables List of Tasks needed to create and test these deliverables (Work Breakdown Structure) Allocation of tasks to team members Timeline with Milestones clearly marked Project Team Diary List of Issues and Risks for discussion with the Project Sponsor. (the project plan needs to be updated throughout the life of the project)  
  1. Drafts of all Interaction Design and Interaction document (Deliverable 3).
  Architecture and Broad Design of the complete system (using wireframes and storyboards) For each of the interactions, a Detailed Design – use cases, activity diagrams, prototype appearance and behaviour, gestures and movements, links with other devices Additional documentation, including instructions for developers, users guides for the different users (e.g. brochures, wall charts, user help)   Stage 2: Week 9: Prototype Presentation Assessment 2 Stage 2 due in the tutorial of week 9.   Present deliverables 1,2,3  
  1. User-focussed presentation of work contained in 2. And 3., including:
  2.            .  Overview of complete system operation
  3.            .  Step by step walkthrough of each of the three selected interactions, demonstrating how the system will work using scenarios, personas and other relevant HCI tools.
  Stage 3: Week 10: Design Package Specification Assessment 2 Stage 3 due 5:00pm Friday of week 10 (22 April).    
  1. Submit to tutor
(a) Completed Analysis document. (Deliverable 1). (b) Final Project Documents including Project Team Diary and Issues and Risks (Deliverable 2) (c) Complete Interaction Design and Interaction document (Deliverable 3).  
  1. Each student uploads the team submission to Moodle.
  Assessment criteria:  Design Package – see DHCI Assignment 2 Stage 3 Marking Sheet     Stage 4: Week 10: Personal Reflection and Confidential Peer Review due 5:00pm Friday of week 10 (22 April).     On form DHCI Personal Reflection and Peer Review Template  review the contribution of yourself and other team members to the project. Be objective and considered.  Submit your review and upload to Moodle separately from the team submission.  
  1. Personal Reflection
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