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Principles and practices of clinical accountability Custom Essay

Principles and practices of clinical accountability Custom Essay Critically Analyse the hospital / infirmary’s management response to complaints about clinical safety of following case study…. The Bristol Royal Infirmary inquiry was on of the most far-reaching and detailed investigations in the united Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) ever undertaken, addressing fundamental issues of clinical safety and accountability, professional culture in the health services, and the rights of patients. Set up in 1998 to investigate the deaths of 29 babies undergoing heart surgery at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the vast 529 pages report effectively provided a blue print for wider reform of the NHS. It lifted the lid on the ‘old boy’s culture among doctor; patients being left in the dark about their treatment; a lax approach to clinical safety: low priority given to children’s services; secrecy about doctor’s performance, and a lack of external monitoring of NHS performance. Warning that a scandal on the scale of Bristol could happen again, the report’s author Professor Ian Kennedy QC demanded the NHS learn from the lessons of Bristol and act upon them.]]>

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