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PICOT NURSING QUESTION: n critical and noncritical adult and pediatric patients who are about to die (P), how does the presence of family members or caregivers (I) compared with non-inclusion of care givers or members of the family (C) lead to encouraging results and increased satisfaction (O) during hospice care (T)? Written in a nursing PICOT based form(PICOT stands for: Population/ Patient Problem: Who is your patient? (disease or health status, age, race, sex) Intervention: What do you plan to do for the patient? (specific tests, therapies, medications) Comparison: What is the alternative to your plan? (i.e. No treatment, different type of treatment, etc.) Outcome: What outcome do you seek? (less symptoms, no symptoms, full health, etc.) Time: What is the time frame? (This element is not always included.)]]>

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