Physical Therapy

Description: [?] Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

The first part of the report is research-based and should not be
written as a narrative;
RequiredResearch Topics to be included within report:

Overview of history and purpose of physical therapy profession

Discussion of the purpose and mission of the American Physical Therapy
Association and the Texas Physical Therapy Association

Differences in physical therapy education requirements between PT and PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant – 2010 Information Packet – Revised
April 2010 Page 27

Description of how each of the following settings are different (type
of patients/clients, job duties and responsibilities of a PT and PTA):
inpatient acute care
outpatient private practice
inpatient rehab or skilled-nursing facility
school systems
Major differences in job duties between PT and PTA

Required Sources
American Physical Therapy Association online;
Texas Physical Therapy Association online;

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