Personal philosophy of nursing

The purpose of this assignment is to communicate through scholarly writing your personal philosophy of nursing and evaluate the evolution of your philosophy from the beginning of the baccalaureate nursing program to the present.

Develop and write a 1-3-page scholarly which should clearly reflect your personal philosophy of nursing. The paper should include the identification and examination of your own perspective (definition) of nursings metaparadigm of nursing, person, health, and environment, as well as the identification of other concepts that you believe should be a part of our metaparadigm. Discuss how these concepts are interrelated in terms of how you understand and accomplish your work as a nurse. Give one or more examples from your clinical experience that captures the essence of your philosophy. What is important in your practice of nursing including your values, beliefs, and assumptions about nursing as science and art?

1:Consider how you view the art and science of the profession.
2:How do you view the practice of nursing?
3:How do you define human being, health, nursing, and environment?
4:What theories, beliefs, values, and assumptions shape your perspective of the nursing paradigm?
5:Do you relate to a specific nursing theory or theorist that you have explored during your baccalaureate education?
6:Are you influenced by the ANA Code of Ethics or your personal faith?
7:How would you articulate this philosophy to others?

This paper should go beyond the usual global view of nursing. It should be written in your own words but without the use of the first person.. Provide references and citations if the writings or statements of others have influenced your philosophy. This instructional activity should help you identify concepts you believe are important in nursing.

The paper should be double spaced, American Psychological Association (APA) format and no more than 3 pages in length.

Grading Criteria
Points Earned 30
Provide an introduction including the definition of nursings metaparadigm and other key concepts.
Discussion of the interrelationship of concepts.
What is the environment, and what is the nature of the relationship
between humans and the environment?
What is your central belief about the individual person and that
persons potential?
What is your central belief about the family and its potential?
What is your central belief about the community and its potential?
What are your central beliefs about the relationship between society
and health?
What is your view on health? Is it a continuum? A state? A process?
How do illness and wellness relate to health?
What is the central reason for the existence of nursing?
Who is the recipient of nursing care?
Discuss values, beliefs and assumptions about nursing as a science and art.
Is nursing a science or an art? Or both?
From what cognitive base does the professional nurse operate?
What is nursing process? How is it implemented?
What is necessary to apply nursing knowledge?
How is the theory base for nursing derived?
What is the theoretical framework for the profession? Or is there
more than
one theoretical framework?
What are the purposes and processes of nursing research? (30 pts)

Describe how your philosophy of nursing science affects your practice and your education.
What are the essential rights and responsibilities of the professional nurse?
What are the essential rights and responsibilities of recipients of nursing care?
What are the governing ethical principles in the delivery of nursing care and the conduct of nursing research?
What are your beliefs about the educational requirements for the practice of the profession?
What are your beliefs about the teaching-learning process?
What is the ultimate goal of professional nursing care?
Paper is well organized with well-developed paragraphs and artful transitions between paragraphs.
References (APA Format) (10pts)
please no plagiarism , easy to understand. Please read carefully all the instructions given. Thanks

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