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Performance/Quality Improvement article critique

Performance/Quality Improvement article critique During completion of this module, students will Identify a process for selecting effective outcomes, to include outcomes that are culturally sensitive, for performance/process measurement in various healthcare settings AND Analyze relationships between outcomes and resource utilization AND Value clinical measurement as a process for improving healthcare delivery. ASSIGNMENT: 1. Critique a quality or quality improvement article related to their PICOT question or general topic(please see order ID 81661610 PICOT details to complete this project). READINGS: Review Melnyk, B., & Fine-out, E. (2010 or 2014). Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare: A guide to best practice. (2nd edition or 3rd edition) Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins chapters on PICOT question development and format Article Critique Guidelines/Rubric Based on your PICOT question assignment, select a quality or performance improvement (preferable) or a research article (less preferred) article and prepare a written critique which: A.     Identifies the source (30 points) B.     Summarizes the content of the article (50 points) C.     Explains how it adds/relates to the assigned topics and readings in this courseas well as your PICOT Question (50 points) D.     Provides your own conclusions on the contribution the article makes to the topic, scientific evidence and the practice of nursing administration and management (or nursing education). (50 points) E.    Conforms with APA format, utilizes correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure, references etc. (20 points)]]>

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