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Patient’s Rights

Patient’s Rights Using APA format!, If using references they must not be older than 5 years old and if not citing must paraphrased anything that is not cited, to answer the following situation: Evaluate the following situation in relationship to patient’s rights and the ethical and legal responsibility of the advanced practice nurse. Must Defend your opinion. Situation: Mr. B, age 69 is hospitalized with a GI disorder; He’s also depressed and uncooperative. His day-shift nurse reads on his chart that the physician ordered an enema. Disgruntled and surly, Mr. B has other ideas. He bluntly tells the nurse “Leave me alone. I’m not getting an enema now!” Despite his protests, the nurse gently turns him in his bed and administers the enema. Later Mr. B’s son becomes angry when his father tells him what happened and the son confronts the nursing supervisor and warns her that he intends to pursue the matter. 3.What can you do to defuse this situation? 4.What is the nurses ethical conduct related to this situation]]>

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