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Oceanside Extended Care Center

Oceanside Extended Care Center Four to six pages. You will present two or three issues (conflicts or what you would like to improve) in your organization with arguments supporting your thesis and give a proposal(s) as to how you can improve the organizational behavior.Now let’s see how you are going to develop the ideas to make the organization connected… What are you looking forward to in your work environment? Productivity increased by employees….? informative-productivity–environmental situation…. i.e. employees’ relations? Management and employees? These are the questions you have to ask in order to make an excellent and committed final project for this course and benefit your knowledge in our course. You can ask what do I expect? Most employees are afraid to ask questions about their pay scales, benefits, and sometimes about promotions. Where do you find yourself? Are you responsible and committed to your company, and or subordinates? Companies are also committed to us. The question that each one of you must ask is what do I want my organization to be? How can I help so the environment can be improved… ? And then take the steps necessary to do it… I.e. do you believe in your company? Please include (besides your issues) the following concepts in this essay: How is ethics managed in the leadership styles in your organization? How would you handle culture diversity and organizational change? The conclusion has to be a minimum of 100 words.]]>

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