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Nutrition for sports performance Research Paper

Nutrition for sports performance Research Paper Critically evaluate current fuelling and refuelling strategies for sustained performance and repeated bouts of physical work Candidates are expected to compare and discuss the dietary needs of 2 athletes and provide a rationale for any differences Candidates should present a physiological profile of the client’s sport and the needs within that sport regarding fuelling and re-fuelling during the training and competition phase. Within this candidates must: • Explain the storage and breakdown of fats and carbohydrates and the role that both play in the metabolism of energy during competition at high and low intensities. • Explain fuelling and re-fuelling strategies and how fats and carbohydrates influence fatigue during training and competition. • Compare and critically evaluate at least two contemporary strategies used by athletes for fuelling and refuelling, before, during and after training and competition. • How energy is metabolised]]>

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