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nursing research and professional practice

nursing research and professional practice . describe the link between nursing research and professional practice; (relate to ANMC competencies); 2. demonstrate achievement of professional scholarship skills such as scientific writing, formulation of a research question and research method Length: 1000 words (a 10% variance +/- is permissible) Topic: Research Method Note: No introduction or conclusion is required for this assignment task To start this assignment: Watch the following video link “All Washed Up”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osUwukXSd0k (you will need to search for this link yourself) While you are watching this video consider the following points as you do: Reflect on your own experiences with hand washing and that observed in others? Would this exercise stimulate change in yourself and others? If so how? Would staff recognize a connection between this exercise and their own practice? What connection do you see? How well do you think the target audience would relate to the participants in this exercise? and why? THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE INCLUDED IN THE ASSIGNMENT Task A: Your task is now to research effective strategies used to improve hand washing practices in an acute clinical area of nursing practice. You will need 3 different sources of evidence to complete Task A (NO less than 3 and NO more). You must have 1 qualitative and 1 quantitative research study included in this review of the literature. Note: this can include systematic review. You will need to provide the PDF of each of these articles with your assignment submission. In 300-350 words provide a synthesis of evidence on some effective strategies that can improve hand washing practices. This must be in essay format. REFERENCING IS DEFINITELY REQUIRED HERE. Task B: If you were to undertake a research project within a clinical area similar to that found in Task A, what research methodology would you choose? Write a research question in relation to the research project stemming from THE VIDEO. In 300-350 words outline the research methodology you would utilize. This will need to include a justification of the choice of research method outlining why this research method is most suitable in answering your developed research question. Referencing will be required where you utilize factual information. Task C: From the following video link “All Washed Up”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osUwukXSd0k (you will need to search for this link yourself). 250-300 words. NO referencing required for TASK C 1. Reflect on the value of the exercise seen in the video as a research study that could stimulate a positive change in nursing practice. 2. Offer some insight on how this assignment task has altered your perception on the value that innovative research can have in assisting nursing practice.]]>

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