Nursing programs are on-demand worldwide since many students see it as a path to a successful future. Taking a nursing program in the US has some differences in the UK and Australia. For every student that wishes to take a career in nursing, they are required to choose a reliable program with great opportunities that will offer employment to every part of the world.

It is without a doubt that some of the strongest nursing programs are offered in the US, UK, and Australia. Choosing a reliable and efficient program is imperative for one to have a successful career path. It is the sole reason why many students focus much of their attention on these three destinations because of the quality of learning one gain from these places.

It should be noted that many of these countries have different regulations and this also affects some of the programs and courses being offered at these specific countries. People taking nursing studies abroad can be a challenging experience, however, the rewards are immense if you focus more on your goal and career path.

Many international students like focusing their attention on studying in the States since they see it as a great place to improve their skills and knowledge as well as the vast technology they have. The other reason which makes it enjoyable to them is that they have excellent employment opportunities after completion of your nursing education.

Some of the nursing programs that are available in the US include:

Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse programs

These are courses that are known to take typically less than a year and are available in most of the colleges in the US. One of the main advantages of taking this program is that they do not usually require prerequisite classes and so training involves basic patient care. Students enrolled in this program are required to take a National Licensing Examination for them to get state certification.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Are two-year programs offered in community college and are known to require certain prerequisite classes. The program is known to mainly focus on the technical nursing skills which are necessary for them to educate patients, treat and provide emotional support to the families. A national examination needs to be passed for them to obtain a nursing license.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

It is an academic degree that ensures current nurses gain the required clinical and administrative skills that are imperative to their career advancements. It usually takes 4 years. The program mainly focuses on issues and trends that are in nursing, public and global health, emergency care, etc.

Associate Science in Nursing

It is known to mainly base their focus on either Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, understanding of Medical terminologies and Nursing skills.

Master of Science in Nursing

An advanced level program which helps nurses to specialize in an area. It equips learners with advanced skills that are vital pertaining to a person’s health.

Doctor of Philosophy

It is a program which focuses on equipping the student with advanced specialized skills. Nurses who are studying these are mostly involved in profound research and challenging projects. The program itself takes about 3-5 years depending on the time of the study.

Studying in Australia has many programs and degrees to which international university students can choose from. Australia is known as one of the leading world leaders in nursing education and thus studying in Australia is a great opportunity for all internationals that are looking for quality education and excellent employment opportunities.

Some of the areas and specialty include the clinical areas that consist of mental health, pediatric, midwifery, critical care, etc. Some students may wish to take on research, education, health promotion, management and many more. Studying in Australia offers a great advantage since you have the chance to harness some of your skills because most of the learning there is done in practical’s.

There exist two nursing professional levels that are recognized in Australia which include the RN (Registered Nurse) who are known to have education degree qualifications and the Enrolled Nurse who provide care and work within limits specified authority to license. Many of them have advanced certificate and associated diploma courses which are known to take less than 3 years.

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