Nurses role in supporting the organizations strategic agenda.


Paper instructions:
The interview with a nurse manager can be fabricated to complete the paper

For this Application assignment, write a 2- to 3-page paper summarizing your interview with a quality manager in an acute care or long-term care agency of your choice, focusing on the impact of the direct care nurse’s role in clinical outcomes for the organization. Use the following guidelines and evaluation criteria and the headings below for each section. Use a minimum of three references from the professional nursing literature in the assigned course readings and other references in the Walden Library. If they are relevant, you may use one or two professional Web sites in addition to the literature references.
• Overview – 20 points

Begin this paper with a brief paragraph that provides an overview of the assignment and its purpose. There is no separate heading for this paragraph; the heading for this paragraph is the same as the title of the paper. This paragraph will be about 2–3 sentences. The last sentence in this paragraph is a sentence that begins “The purpose of this paper is to¨.
• Summary of the interview – 50 points

Describe the individual you interviewed and the setting. Summarize the manager’s insights on the role of the direct care nurse in supporting the outcomes for the organization. This section is 2–3 paragraphs.

  • Impact on nursing practice – 50 points

Outline how the information gained from the interview and this week’s resources may influence your nursing practice specifically, or nursing practice in general. Specifically note those practices that you may change based on what you have learned. Provide an analysis of how this information impacts the profession of nursing. This section is 2–3 paragraphs.

  • Summary – 30 points

End the paper with a one-paragraph summary of the main points of the paper.
Proofread the paper as described in the tips for success in this course and correct any typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or APA format errors before submitting your paper in the Dropbox. Up to 40 points can be deducted from the grade for this assignment for these types of errors, or for not using at least the minimum number of required references.

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