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HOW NATURE AND NURTURE DEBATE, APPLIES TO PERSONALITY Custom Essay NOTE: Scenerio case study, give me a dozen healthy infants,well-formed and my own specified world to bring them up in and i’ll guarantee to take anyone to random and train him to become any type of specialist. i might select doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and yes even beggar-man and theif, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations and the race of his ancestors( Watson, 1924, cited in Mccleeod 2008) 1a] Define key terms{ Nature , Nurture and Personality. 1b] What are the biological argument for Personality and how nature and nurture influence personlity. 2]Consider your arguments for and against nature and nurture for your chosen aspect of the debate, that is, Personality. 3]In considering argument for and agaist nature and nurture, refer to psychological theories, perspectives, approaches and/ or theorists. 4]Make reference to Watson quote by applyig Behaviourism to the chosen topic. You must successfully attempt to analyse {for levle 3 merit} and evaluate {for level 3 distinction} the theoretical contribution made. 6]You must provide text-in references and a reference list in accordance with the Harvard System ( REfer to the coutse handbook displayed on Moodle for guidance on how to reference ). Pls ensure that you vary sources of information and books electronic sorces are not more than ten yrs. 7]Proof- read your work before submission to minimise errors of grammar and typography. 8]Use double line spacing when typing your work. 9] Your font(letter size)should be 12 Arial and margins should be justified. 10]State word limit after your conclusion e.g Word limit:1400 11]Plagiarism (literary theft) or coping is a serious academic offence and will be severely punishedas deeme appropriateby our academic conduct panel.- NOTE: A page should have 3 refenceing ( very important). REFERENCES (Text to use) 1] Nick Hayes (2000) Foundation of Psychology 2]Barbara Woods (1997) Disovering Psychology 3]Mcleod, S (2014) Classical conditioning. Simply Pschology 4] use more books and online sources too. AM COUNT ON YOU]]>

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