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Monsebraaten L., (2011) Faithful put Poverty on fall Election Agenda. Available at the Toronto star

Monsebraaten L., (2011) Faithful put Poverty on fall Election Agenda. Available at the Toronto star Political parties must be committed to ensure that residents have income they can depend on as well as afford basic needs and communal services. Ross N., (2011) Poverty Causes Lifelong Health Problems. Available at the Toronto star According to this study, poor kids often remain unhealthy unlike their rich counterparts. The educated and high income earners tend to have life spans characterized by good quality health. Scoffied H., (2011) Big Cities Attracting Poverty. Available at the globe and mail States in his study that big cities tend to offer low income earners a variety of services that tend to increase poverty while mid-sized cities drive poverty down and away. Faith and poverty: a reason to believe (2011) Available at the Toronto star The writer brings out the extent to which religious communities were displeased with the situation hence calling for the addressing of poverty in the coming elections. Monsebraaten L., (2011) Ontario poverty rate up since last election. Available at the Toronto star According to prof. Marvyn Novick in his study reported on the Toronto star, poverty has been on the increase since last election and so it should be an election agenda.   Nursing and its leadership is shaped by politics and policy impacts. According to Moiden, a leadership framework accounting for followership should be proposed since wherever there is a leader, there must be followers. Since policies are the backbone of effectively delivering nursing services, I would like to continue thinking and exploring about policy formulations. An issue that is apparent in RNAO, CNA as well as ICN is the environments effect on health. Whether in the provincial, federal or international perspective the environment plays a very critical role in the health of an individual and can be categorised into the physical chemical and biological parts. Where we live dictates a lot about our health status because if we are exposed to health hazards we are prone to be unhealthy and if we are not exposed to such hazards, we tend to remain healthy at all times. We should therefore try to live in places where there are no or minimal health hazards. Mary Anne Marra is the current chief nurse of Bergen regional medical centre (St Joseph health facilities) and her title is chief nurse executive. In the structure of organization, nursing comes third after administration and clinical. Their mission is “to provide excellent health care and promote wellness”. Their vision is to “reflect gods love and compassion by providing excellent heath care” while their values are “reverence, service and stewardship”. Everyone is treated with respect, dignity as well as justice since all people are equally created in the image and likeness of God. All services are rendered with compassion, sensitivity and commitment and this leads to the quality maintenance of relationships and care. Their philosophy of care encourages the staff to treat patients as they would treat their own family members.  The patient care delivery system in my unit is good but it should be made better. Progress in professional socialization which is one of the issues in mentorship programs should be emphasized as it creates room for social interaction between the professionals hence creating room for brainstorming sessions and eventual knowledge gain. This should be encouraged by the management of the day as it leads to improvement in service delivery. A patient who had just left the hospital was quickly rushed back with an attack which turned out to be an overdose case. He had combined the pharmaceutical prescription with some herbal preparations he had at home. The doctor in charge had to give rules on the strict adherence and observation of prescriptions. The modular nursing model is based on the geographic location of a patient for the staff assignments and is aimed at increasing nurse’s involvement in planning and coordinating care. The patient receives continuous care and the nurse greatly saves time by being near the patient at all times. It is problematic since it is expensive to stock each module with the relevant supplies. I would facilitate change by ensuring that the maintenance costs are kept as low as possible so that patients continue to enjoy the care they deserve. Inter-professional practices between RNs, RPNs, PSW and other regulated or unregulated health workers exist in that they all offer healthcare services aimed at good health attainment. The outstanding difference is that the PSWs and the unregistered health workers work under the regulation of regulated health care professionals or their clients. The role of the RNs in the “home first” initiative was to avail their services to the patients in their places of residence other than at the hospital. My vision for a nursing career is to offer reliable services to all those in need of such at all times so as to minimize or totally alleviate human suffering. When nurses speak up, committees of inquiry are set up to carry out investigations as was the case with the wise man committee. The depth of an issue as well as its seriousness is sought and established when the whistle is blown. The complexity theory applies in nursing because health matters are diversified and need hands on accompanied by practical training. By applying the principle of chaos, nursing inquiry will be on the rise and clarifications will be definite hence improved efficiency.]]>

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