Major Public Health Issues in the U.S. and Developing Nations Research Paper This week’s readings present a look at public health nursing at local, state, and national levels and an overview of the evolution of global health. In particular, in the Global Health Care Issues and Policies textbook, the introduction outlined the role of the World Health Organization and the assistance provided by the World Bank in promoting global health. Chapters 1 and 2 outlined the current health status of both developed and developing countries and provided an overview of issues those selected countries are facing. Health statistics can be used to examine the functioning of a health care system within a nation. For example, infant mortality is often used for this purpose. For this Application, write a 3- to 4-page paper comparing the infant mortality rates or HIV rates for the U.S. to one developed and one developing country. Include a summary on what the United States could learn from other countries that have better rates. Include information about the workforce that is available to care for the population in each country. Readings: Bonde, A. H., Bentsen, P., & Hindhede, A. L. (2014). School Nurses’ Experiences With Motivational Interviewing for Preventing Childhood Obesity. Journal Of School Nursing (Sage Publications Inc.), 30(6), 448-455. doi:10.1177/1059840514521240 Boyce, T. L., & Holmes, A. (2013). Persistence and partnerships: School nurses, inequalities and the HPV vaccination programme. British Journal Of School Nursing, 8(2), 71-77. Douglas, M. K., Rosenkoetter, M., Pacquiao, D. F., Callister, L. C., Hattar-Pollara, M., Lauderdale, J., & … Purnell, L. (2014). Guidelines for Implementing Culturally Competent Nursing Care. Journal Of Transcultural Nursing, 25(2), 109-121. doi:10.1177/1043659614520998 Foley, E. (2013). A fairer society. Australian Nursing Journal, 20(10), 23. Glasper, A. (2013). The nursing and midwifery contribution to public health. British Journal Of Nursing, 22(15), 900-901. Goodman, B. (2013). Role of the nurse in addressing the health effects of climate change. Nursing Standard, 27(35), 49-56. Holloway, R., Rasmussen, S. A., Zaza, S., Cox, N. J., & Jernigan, D. B. (2014). Updated Preparedness and Response Framework for Influenza Pandemics. MMWR Recommendations & Reports, 63(6), 1-18. Massawe, E., & Vasut, L. (2013). Promoting Healthy School Environments: A Step-by-Step Framework to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Journal Of Environmental He alth, 76(2), 22-30 Singer, M. (2013). Respiratory health and ecosyndemics in a time of global warming. Health Sociology Review, 22(1), 98-111. doi:10.5172/hesr.2013.22.1.]]>

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