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Madaleine Leininger nursing theory

Madaleine Leininger nursing theory Order Description NU 313 Professional Paper Grading Rubric Introduction Includes an introduction to the topic and the introduction of all materials that will be discussed 5 points Paper follows a logical progression Work within the paper follows a logical order with one topic leading into the next. Students used subtitles. Includes students own words. Written in third person 5 points Presentation of nursing theory 46 points Includes basic assumptions, building blocks, principles Discussion of concepts of Nursing, health, humanity, and environment 12 points ( 3 points per concept) Application to a case study 20 points Summary Includes a summary of findings within the paper. 5 points Mechanics Appropriate grammar, spelling, sentence structure, double spaced, 12 point font, capitalization. (2 points apiece for a total of 12 points) APA Format Front cover page, running head, short title, page numbers Use of subtitles (5 points) Use of 4 – 6 references on reference page. Appropriate nursing journals or references. References are within last 6 years unless classic reference. References are written according to APA format. All work utilized within the paper is appropriately sourced. Quotations are cited with author, date, page number. Paraphrases are cited with author and date (10 points)]]>

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