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Literature Review Project: Introduction and Search History Custom Essay

Literature Review Project: Introduction and Search History Custom Essay Create an introduction and search history for your literature review. The introduction to any paper is an opening that engages the reader. This is the author’s opportunity to describe the problem or situation from their vantage point, which includes why this is an issue as well as why it should be studied. The introduction ends with a clear purpose of the project. The next section is a paragraph about the search history. This should be produced in enough detail so that the reader could replicate the search producing similar results research question at this point: Currently, pain medications are prescribed as last efforts, after the patient has failed more conservative treatments, such as imaging, PT, OT, acupuncture, TENS, ESI, MBB and IAJs. Medications are prescribed based on the patients self-reporting of what works for them and/or using a “trial and error” approach. Pharmacogenomics (PGX) is an emerging technology that analyzes a patient’s genetic profile related to drug metabolism. However, there is little research/data regarding clinical utility of the PGX testing in chronic pain patients. Does pharmacogenomic testing improve drug tolerance (reported side effects) and pain relief in males patients, age 25-50 with chronic lower back pain?]]>

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