Lebanese Arabic Cultural Competence Report in relation to Nursing Nursing Essay 1) Research a culture. Lebanese Arabic. That has relevance to nursing practice and present a report that has the following a) Cultural patterns. b) Communication. c) Health beliefs and practices. And 2) Discuss Madeleine Leininger’s Cultural care model with particular reference to the three (3) Professional modes of action or decisions, in cultural approaches to nursing care for people from your above chosen culture. Its a report not a essay. It is not religious based but cultural based. you may need more references. I can send some journal articles. Discard what you don’t need. – A comprehensive level of insight and knowledge of the cultural communication patterns and health beliefs and practices of the selected culture. – Leininger’s cultural care model is discussed at an exemplary level. Deep and thorough insight in the application of all the modes of action in the delivery of culturally sensitive practice.]]>

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