Leadership and Management Custom Essay 1. Please Clearly label and identify (write out) the course outcome (5) below Course Outcome 5: Apply appropriate leadership and management principles in designing, coordinating, managing, and advocating for meeting the complex health care needs of individuals, families, and groups in various phases of the life span. 2. Please thoughtfully and thoroughly write journal content. Highlight activities that reflect the student learning outcome. (My weekly student clinical activities is uploaded as an attachment) My clinical site is Medical-surgical/orthopedic unit. 3. Please thoroughly discuss the relationship between leadership and mentoring: Please refer to the Vann (2012) article to discuss the relationship between leadership and mentoring. (Must use citations within your journal). (Article attached) 4. Please look through my student weekly clinical activities attached, and use it to reflect on my own clinical experience with leadership and mentoring (mentor or mentee) opportunities on my clinical site unit. ( Medical-surgical/orthopedic unit) 5. Please Identify and discuss a “take away” from this learning experience 6. Please use correct grammar, punctuation, and APA formatting. Please see other upload attachment that will be use for this Journal.]]>

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