The Leadership Development and Self-Efficacy Plan Nursing Essay Assignment 3 is a continuation of the first assignment where you examined your strengths. In assignment 3, you are to create a personal plan for developing yourself as a current or future leader and/or increasing your self-efficacy within your chosen concentration (Social Work in Mental Health) or field of practice. Keep in mind that a leader does not have to have a title or play a particular role. Many significant decisions made and actions taken are by individuals in informal leadership capacities. What’s your vision and goals? How and what steps and actions must you take to achieve the goals that will make your vision a reality? There should be one or more strength areas identified, as well. Think also about the networks or relationships that you want to cultivate. What resources will you need? Also, identify what might be the challenges faced as a female or male, person of color in a female dominated profession and how you plan to confront these challenges in terms of the needed strengths and KSAs and those you currently have. Your plan should be strategic and represent a clear and thoughtful articulation of your development as a leader and a practitioner. Identify the areas for development clearly along with your vision and goals. State actions you need to take and activities you need to engage in to realize your aspirations. Each action plan should address implementation and include time frames. Make your plan realistic. The actions, activities and implementation timeframes should apply to short-term goals (1-3 years) and intermediate-term goals (3-5 years); long-term goals (5-10 years or more) are optional. Double space your paper, using twelve point type. The paper should be approximately three pages, but may run a little longer.]]>

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