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Improving Employee Performance

Improving Employee Performance Create an outline of the management activity project (with short narrative if necessary) to explain how the project addressed each of the elements in the grading rubric below. Include samples of materials prepared to use in the management activity with your submission. Job Description: RN Educator Position Qualifications: (salary to be determined on a case by case basis) The RNCC Educator is a selected/appointed position that is hired for the New York-Reducing Avoidable Hospitalizations (NY-RAH) grant initiative in addition to Registered Nurse Care Coordinators (RNCC). Selection for this appointment is based on nursing experience, problem-solving skills; teaching/ mentoring experience and ability; effective verbal/written communication/presentation style, and demonstrated effective people skills. The position is appointed by, and reports to, the Clinical Program Director. It requires the ability to mentor others to independently integrate varied/diverse facets of a complex grant project with heavy deliverables and data collection, to take various forms of observation and assessment data, and to convert that into a comprehensive facility goal directed and implementable action plan with minimal guidance. Essential Components of the Position: The person appointed to this position must be able to: • Travel throughout NYC and the Long Island catchments area if needed to make an on-site visit. • Be available by telephone for consultation within a reasonable time period. (2 hours) • Make effective professional presentations to diverse groups of people • Be available to various partnering groups that comprise the Cooperative Care Agreement collaborators for conference calls and other functions as needed. • Effectively teach, coach, mentor and/or reinforce new skills being taught to the RNCCs that are pertinent to the RNCCs’ roles including: o Portal data entry functions o Using information to develop various types of written and verbal reports o Effectively reviewing policies against quality of care standards in order to perform a GAP analysis o Observing/assessing meeting/committee functions for efficacy/productivity o Conducting effective paper and electronic medical record-based chart audits for the purpose of doing retrospective reviews after hospitalizations o Quality improvement studies and (Quality Assurance Performance Initiatives) QAPI requirements o Root Cause Analysis • Assist with guiding the RNCCs to be able to develop comprehensive complex documents such as an Action Plan from gathered assessment data From the instructor: The management activity project is a major component of the practicum experience. Students are expected to develop and implement a management activity that will benefit the organization and contribute to the student’s ability to achieve the course outcomes. The management activity should be chosen, in conjunction with the mentor and approved by the course faculty, based on a review of the needs of the organization. The student is to assess the need for the management activity, develop objectives for the activity, and identify management strategies from the literature used in the development and implementation of the activity. The student is to present the management activity to the targeted audience or recipients of the management activity. If the student is unable to implement the activity due to organizational restrictions, the student is to identify in the evaluation the reasons for not implementing the project. Assignment:Create an outline of the management activity project (with short narrative if necessary) to explain how the project addressed each of the elements in the grading rubric below. Include samples of materials prepared to use in the management activity with your submission. My Management Project My management activity project for this class revolves around Improving Employee Performance by hiring a Nurse Educator. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) partnered with The Greater New York Hospital Foundation, Inc. (GNYHF) to implement evidence-based clinical and educational interventions that both improve care and lower costs in 30 nursing facilities (long-term nursing homes) in the New York City metropolitan region. The grant given by CMS to GNYHF to implement the above is called: Initiative to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations among Nursing Facility Residents – Phase 1.http://innovation.cms.gov/Files/x/rahnfr_foa.pdf My mentor is the Clinical Program Director of this grant. She is in charge of 26 Registered Nurse Care Coordinators (RNCC) deployed in these nursing facilities to train the nursing facility staff, with the goal of reducing potentially avoidable inpatient hospitalizations and improve care for long-stay residents. The RN Care Coordinators (RNCCs) do not provide clinical care to residents but focus on increasing each facility’s capacity to identify root causes for potentially avoidable hospitalizations and review and modify its policies and procedures to prevent such hospitalizations. They also focus on developing or modifying policies and procedures to improve transitions and ensuring that all residents have the opportunity to engage in advance care planning and receive palliative care when desired and facilitating the implementation of electronic solutions to improve unavoidable transitions to the hospital and back to the nursing facility. http://innovation.cms.gov/Files/reports/irahnfr-secondevalrpt.pdf In a nutshell, the 26 RNCCs are all experienced long-term care nurses who observe patient care given by facility staff, provide on-site staff training on new tools that will avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, as well as present findings at quarterly meetings in front of senior management of the facility. My mentor is struggling with the fact that, as expert as her nurses are in clinical care, they are lacking skills required to be able to eloquently present findings in front of an audience. She had lost few nurses due to their inability to perform well in this aspect, as this is a big part of their job. While talking about ways to improve this situation, one idea was to hire a RNCC Educator, who will concentrate on teaching these experienced nurses the skills required to become a successful presenter. My mentor already posted the position and I have been shadowing her throughout the interviewing/hiring process, as well as some education sessions with the nurses after the Nurse Educator was hired. PLEASE NOTE: My project is not about the CMS grant for the Initiative to Reduce Hospitalizations. My management project is about Improving Employee Performance. You can touch on the Initiative, but please do not make the outline about the Initiative. PLEASE SEE THE GRADING RUBRIC ON NEXT PAGE FOR DETAILS. UNDER DESCRIPTION I WROTE FEW THINGS THAT MIGHT BE OF HELP. THE OUTLINE SHOULD BE ABOUT 3-5 PAGES, DOUBLE SPACED. APA FORMAT REQUIRED FOR REFERENCES AND TITLE PAGE. Category Points % Description Description of the project is clearly articulated 25 10% Improving Nurses Job Performance Identifies target audience for the project 20 7.5% 26 RNCCs Identifies issue or need for the management project 30 15% RNCCs do not perform well in meetings where they have to present quarterly findings to Senior Management of the Nursing Homes they evaluate. They are not taken seriously and they whole project suffers due to their inability to convince Management of need to change. Objectives for the management project are clearly articulated 30 15% Hiring a Nurse Educator who possesses the ability to mentor others to independently integrate varied/diverse facets of a complex grant project with heavy deliverables and data collection. Identifies management strategies used in the development and implementation of the project 30 15% Not sure how to formulate this… Here’s a synapsis of what was doneso you can identify the “Management Strategies”: My mentor evaluated every RNCC’s capacity of giving presentations (through Survey Monkey to RNs as well as observing them while they were presenting). A huge percentage did not do well. She decided to hire a Nurse Educator. She posted the position and interviewed 2 nurses. Hired one of them. Evaluated the initiative after Educator was hired and received very positive feedback (also through Survey Monkey as well as observing their presentations). Includes representative materials used in the management activity (i.e. staffing plan, budget, etc) 20 7.5% I attached the RNCC Educator Job Description that was posted on their website… Not sure what else I should provide… Identifies evaluation methods and outcomes of management project 35 25% Observed few education sessions provided by the Nurse Educator as well as two RNCCs presentations which went well (previously they did not do a good job presenting their findings in meetings) Formatting 10 5% Total 200 100 A quality assignment will meet or exceed all of the above requirement  ]]>

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