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A nurse shadow box is one of the best ways of preserving special memories from nursing school. Many nurses agree that nursing shadow boxes get a lot of attention and flattering remarks. A shadow box is an enclosed glass containing objects with much personal and sentimental value that a nurse wants to remember in future years. It is usually a unifying theme because it brings all objects together.

The most common theme for nurse shadow boxes is graduation from a nursing school although there are those who create some for memories of a particular moment during their career or at retirement. Nursing training and career have many interesting moments that provide plenty of reasons for making shadow boxes. They are easy to make and here is how to do it.

1.Plan your nursing shadow boxA shadow box should have a tying central theme or idea. Although many people create them to celebrate graduation from nursing school, you can create one about anything. The design can be creative according to your desires. A first step is to think of the purpose of making the nursing shadow box. The second step of planning is to collect all stuff that should go into the shadow box. A collection of souvenirs to place into a shadow box is likely to be in place if you already have a theme.

2.Putting the shadow box togetherAfter designing and planning on the material to place in the display box, the remaining task is to assemble the mementos and make the best most creative presentation. You can use one of these materials to place the stuff at their perfect place.

  • Paste
  • Glue
  • Pins
  • Glue gun

You might even sew objects to the back of a nursing shadow box with a needle and thread. A shadow box should store the memories you treasure most, and it cannot accommodate. You should narrow down choices to the best 3-5 items after deciding on a theme and gathering the items that fit within the parameters.

The size of the frame determines the number of items. You can make creating the shadow box is the fun part. Before gluing anything into place, set out all the mementos and decide on the best layout for them. You can try layering the elements to give the shadow box intrigue and more depth. Some overlapping enables you to prevent the shadow box from looking empty. Secure everything to the frame backing after the scene satisfies you. You can use glue, tacks, pins or brooches.

Tips To Make Your Shadow Box More ExcitingThese tips will help to increase color and appeal to your project.

  • Add colorful text and label
  • Make cute drawings with colored pencils or pens
  • Recycle ribbons stationary, cloth and lace to make the cute or buy the unique from a craft shop
  • Add sparkly or glitter accessories if you like flamboyance
  • Use washi tape

Reassemble the frame or close the shadow box’s glass door at the front. Take a quick pause to determine if the handiwork is appealing before anybody else sees it. If the nursing shadow box delights others, find a spot where they can see instead of putting it against a wall. Find a measuring tape, a marking pencil, a level, hammer, and nails to measure the proper spot on a wall, mark, and hammer away. Do not rely on your eyes to determine if the shadow box is hanging straight on a nail. A level will provide you with an accurate measure that shows if it straight or tipping to one side.

A nurse can have tons of stuff that should require safekeeping and display. You can create more shadow boxes to show them after you successfully make the first. You can crate others to decorate the walls and use them for commemorating occasions such as:

  • Remembering friends and colleagues at former workplaces
  • To gift a very close nurse who is leaving for another place or retiring
  • Create a motivational and inspirational board on your chosen profession
  • Display items for commemorating overseas trips
  • Make a display case of rewards for achievements at school or work including certifications

Learning how to make your own nursing shadow box enables you to present the things you want to commemorate in a way that creates a dramatic visual result.

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