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HLSC1811U Social Determinants of Health

HLSC1811U Social Determinants of Health ssignment 2 Instructions •  Read: “Why are Canadians not being told the truth about disease?” and “Dealing with symptoms, not disease.” •  Got to the Heart and Stroke Foundation websites (hHp://Fnyurl.com/y87y8re) and (hHp://Fnyurl.com/p5tc2nq) to examine the ideas and resources available. Then …. read the two links, copy and paste in browser. Assignment 2 Instructions, counted •  Prepare an analytic essay that addresses these questions: a)  What are the causes of heart disease and stroke provided by the Heart and Stroke FoundaFon on its websites? b)  What social determinants of health lead to heart disease according to Raphael in both arFcles? c)  What are the pathways by which these social determinants of health come to cause heart disease? d)  If you based heart disease prevenFon programs on the material provided by the Heart and Stroke FoundaFon what would these look like? What issues would you be ignoring? •  Discuss three reasons for the Heart and Stroke FoundaFon providing their explana Fons for heart disease rather than a social determinants explanaFon. Recommendations •  Prepare a plan for your assignment: •  IntroducFon – State what the assignment is about and what will be argued. •  Explain what you need to explain. •  Discuss and analyse the research evidence to support your argument. •  Conclusion: Briefly discuss your main argument and research that supports your argument. IdenFfy future research quesFons or public policies that can address the issue. Read ‘Assignment FormaDng.’ • InstrucFons for formaZng all assignments for this course. • Marking rubric for all assignments – available in ‘Course AdministraFon’ folder in Content. Prof. Bryant’s Availability •  Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm]]>

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