Description Formatting -All submissions should be MS Word file format and follow APA guidelines: cover page, running header, page number, references, and intext citations. -Submissions should be at least 500 words but no more than 700 words. -There should be a minimum of one additional reference (in addition to the course textbook and the article being reviewed). Assignment -Students should find a news article published online (not a blog or research assignment) between September 20 and today. The article should be posted by a news station (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, or etc.), and it must have an overall healthcare theme. -Provide a synopsis of the article. For organizational purposes. It’s recommended to put the synopsis under one sub-header. *This is not to be copied word for word (i.e. long quotations). Information should be paraphrase clearly displaying the student has a firm understanding of the article. Stronger submissions will leverage other sources that relate to the main article in focus. -Next, start a new sub-header and discuss how the article aligns with at least 3 of the concepts discussed across chapters 4-10 of this course’s textbook. *Hint: this sub-header should have at least three paragraphs since three different concepts will be in focus. You may choose 3 of the following concepts: Coordination Mechanisms, Divisional Form, Functional Form, Behavior Theory, Collaborative Leadership, Differences Between Managers and Physicians, Adams’s Equity Theory, and Alderfer’s ERG theory. -Finally, the author should provide their overall thoughts/opinions on the subject matter, and their input should be substantiated by other credible sources.

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