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Health promotion poster Custom Essay

Health promotion poster Custom Essay For this assessment you are required to present an academic poster which details a proposal of a health promotion intervention to be carried out in the university. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes 1 is to discuss health promotion theories and apply health promotion principles, 2 is to identify and use appropriate information to promote the health of individuals and groups through the design and delivery of a health promotion initiative & 3 is to analyse ethical issues and approaches to health promotion. Poster Presentation The following aspects should be addressed on your poster: 1. Design and presentation of poster – 20% The poster should be a minimum of A3 size, legible from 1 metre and in an academic style. Assessors will consider the use of font size and colour, appropriate use of images. Content should be logically arranged so that assessors can understand the order without narration. 2. Content of poster – 50% The poster should clearly address all sections required for health promotion intervention proposal. Relevant literature should be used to support your proposal. ? The title of the proposed health promotion intervention – student needs to clearly state the title ? Identification of target group – student specifically identifies the target group ? The aims and objectives of the health promotion intervention – student should present a clear aim and S.M.A.R.T. objectives. ? A clear rationale, justifying the topic and target audience of the health promotion intervention – this section forms the most significant part of the proposal; student needs to provide a literature based rationale. At least 4 peer-reviewed articles should be used to justify the proposed intervention. ? Outline the chosen health promotion approach to be used – student should present a literature based discussion of chosen health promotion approach. Student needs to identify limitations of chosen health promotion approach. ? A brief outline of the intervention – student is required to briefly outline the health promotion intervention process e.g. talk, presentation, display, leaflets. ? Indicate relevant ethical considerations – student is required to present a discussion of how ethical issues will be addressed when carrying out the health promotion intervention.]]>

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