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Health Promotion plan & reflection Research Paper

Health Promotion plan & reflection Research Paper Module Assignment 1. There are 2 examples in the manual (see learning guide) that you can work through; exercise or nutrition. Choose 1 health promotion activity to complete and write at least 1 measureable goal with a deadline for evaluation. For example: I will exercise for 150 minutes per week and evaluate in 1 month from the start date. 2. Evaluate your goal at the deadline. – ( info for the bestaessays writer – I LOST 6 pounds in 1 month, I used exercise in #1 above, walking 40 mins a day , 3 times a week for 1 month- or you can use your own example) 3. Using Pender’s Health Promotion Model (look at the manual) reflect on your experience. Analyze the factors that promoted your success and barriers that impeded your lifestyle change. Also think about how you could apply this experience to promoting health in a clinical setting with a patient and incorporate your thoughts into the summary. 4. Write a 1-2 page summary of your health promotion plan and reflection.- Attached is the – Health promotion manual ( The purpose of this manual is to help me ( you) develop and evaluate my (your) personal health promotion plan.) – Pendel’s health Promotion manual – A link for your view http://img.medscape.com/article/708/181/708181-fig2.jpg (View the link as an example of how a provider would implement a skin cancer prevention/screening using Pender’s model)]]>

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