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Health Policy, Advocacy, and Politics Global Presentations

Health Policy, Advocacy, and Politics Global Presentations Tell us about your country of interest (assigned by instructor): size of country, population, ethnicities and cultures within the borders, type of government (democracy. dictatorship. monarchy, etc.). the law and policy makers in their country, type of healthcare system (national or private insurers) provided to their population. do the people of that country pay for their healthcare’?, how much of a portion of their salary is deducted for healthcare if any‘? 2. What are the morbidity and mortality rates of this country‘? What is the birthrate’? 3. How much per capita does this country spend on healthcare compared to the U.S.’? 4. What is the health care ranking of your country of interest according to the World Health Organization (WHO)’? 5. Look at the major health problems of that country and compare them to the U.S. with a bar graph. 6. Based on evidence. do you feel that the U.S or your designated country has better health care outcomes for those health problems‘? Why‘? Provide documented data to support your position. 7. Do you think that the soon to be Affordable Care Act will provide better health care outcomes for those identified problems for the people in the U.S.’? Better than the designated country of interest? Why‘? 8. Does nursing play an important advocacy role in your country of interest‘? If so. in what way‘? Presentations will be at the end of the term and account for 20% of your final grade after you have achieved a 76% GPA on your two exams. Each group presentation should be no longer than 40 minutes with each person in the team presenting approximately 5 minutes each. The presentation should include a power point with graphics and statistical charts for ease of communication of facts. On the day of presentation. please dress in business casual attire. Please be prepared to support your data with documented resource information (articles. websites, news articles, etc.) that you have a referenced on a slide in your presentation. Please provide the professor with an outline of your presentation and hand in a jump drive with the presented power point.]]>

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