Health Education Plan Evaluation Research Paper Evaluate community information and resources available to the participating family. • Analyze how your own values and potential cultural biases and the family’s cultural, spiritual, and ethical values directed your nursing care, and if you would do anything differently in the future. • Analyze the family’s nursing diagnosis or diagnoses on which the educational tool was based. • Analyze how the educational goals, objectives, and the type of health education tool were developed, and how they link to the family diagnosis and all other assessment findings. • Evaluate how the tool coordinates with, complements, or replaces community and public health services, and how it is applicable within the family’s community. • Analyze how the educational session was created and led, including the theories utilized. Establishes educational goals and objectives using educational and nursing theories. Consider using adult learning theory, such as Boyer or Knowles • Evaluate how the family was integrated as partners to affect their own care. • Evaluate the family’s response to the educational plan, including their acceptance of the plan’s guidelines and recommendations. • Analyze what you might do differently in the future based on your experience with this project. Include at least seven, peer reviewed references to support your findings]]>

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