Health Care: (insurance companies, Medicare, Veterans) Are any of your major payers (insurance companies, Medicare, Veterans) paying you based on the quality of care provided? Medicare uses the P4P name, but other insurers are doing it too. Talk with your unit administrators, or finance people about if and how reimbursement has changed for the services you provide. Are you being rewarded / penalized based on quality? How much? Is it “enough” that it impacts clinicians’ behavior? If you are not working in a health care organization / unit that receives P4P for services, check on your own personal health insurance coverage. Is this insurance beginning to pay providers based on their performance? What measures are used? This may not be information you can glean from your insurance packet, but check their web-site and your insurance rep.Or look to the Medicare Compare Hospital website or Compare Nursing Home website to see how consumers can evaluate facilities before they need services. I want you to write about United HealthCare Insurance. However, If you did not find information in their website, you can write about ( Medicare Compare Hospital website or Compare Nursing Home website) here is the website ( please use one or maximum 2 references ) please can you write the page number and put the link after each citation or paragraph so that I can review the information. Please make sure the essay is 2 page without counting the links after each citation  ]]>

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