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Health Care: Consent Form

Health Care: Consent Form Arial size 11 font should be used throughout the document. The document should be single spaced with one blank line between paragraphs. This is about writing consent form for a hypothetical study. I am going to upload two files. the first is the hypothetical research that we are going to write the consent form for. The second file is going to be the direction, guidelines, and outlines that we need to follow when writing the consent form. To increase the likelihood of a potential participant reading the entire consent document, please be concise while including all required basic elements of informed consent.   Suggested format for consent document:   Informed Consent (for ______) Introduction: In the introductory paragraph, state your research topic. You may want to include why the person is being asked to participate in your research, how you got their contact information (e.g., if they are in an organization being targeted for the research, etc.).]]>

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