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Health and transportation:

Health and transportation: We have completed a set of readings, albeit not comprehensive on the various ways that the transportation and land use system support or detract from healthy behaviors, including but not limited to: – physical activity (the use of active transportation modes and accessing locations for physical activity) – and access to a variety of daily activities (food, medical care, work, social activities, etc.). Based on readings, please write a memo that evaluates the differences in one or more of these issues between disadvantaged populations and the rest of society. Specifically, I would like you to consider for each group: ?The ways the current transportation systems supports or detracts from one specific healthy behavior that was discussed or you read about in class, ?The differences in the degree and scope of the problems between disadvantaged populations and the rest of the population, ?What kinds of information are needed to better understand these differences, ?How effective various potential remedies may be for disadvantaged populations, and ?How future innovations in transportation may help or hinder these problems and these differences.]]>

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