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Hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene. You are required to develop recommendations for future professional development for nurses. Chosen topic is : (non- compliance and/or improper ) Hand hygiene Your essay will need to incorporate your reflection on your clinical experience over the past 2 years and is what should guide your topic of choice. Your essay should include responses to the following Questions: 1. What exactly is the nursing issue? a. Describe the issue ( improper or non-compliance with hand hygiene to control the infection) b. Explain why there is an issue; in other words explore why the issue exists c. Engage in critical reflection by incorporating what you have observed in clinical practice ( an incident that shows how a nurse was careless about maintaining hand hygiene ) d. Discuss what research findings report about the issue. ( Examine both UAE and International literature) 2. What recommendations would you make for future professional development for nurses? a. Base recommendations on your own experiences (critical reflection) and evidenced – based literature so that you can support your recommendations with 15 references]]>

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