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Group Closing

Group Closing The purpose of this assignment is two-fold, to provide an opportunity to close with your group and to provide closure for these community courses. Firstly, you and your group are invited to reflect on, and evaluate, your journey together: where you have come; where you would like to go; and what has worked well, and what you would do differently in the future. And secondly, to reflect on significant learning about community health nursing though your group work experience and what aspects of this could be applied to your practice. Consider: – Where have you come as a group? – How have relationships developed? – How have the group’s capacities developed? – What are some of the turning points and highlights? – What has worked well? – What has been challenging? – What would you do differently in the next time? – Where will the group go from here? – Is there commitment to seeing the plan though? – What has been meaningful to you in this group exercise? – How can you apply this learning to your professional life? http://writedom.com/api/download/209698]]>

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